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CLASSIC ROCK II by John-Mark Gleadow - PoP x HoyPoloi Gallery
CLASSIC ROCK II by John-Mark Gleadow - PoP x HoyPoloi Gallery
CLASSIC ROCK II by John-Mark Gleadow - PoP x HoyPoloi Gallery

CLASSIC ROCK II by John-Mark Gleadow

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"Classic Rock II" by John Mark Gleadow

  • Gallery Wrapped Giclee on Canvas - Ready to Hang
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Made in The USA
Editing “Classic Rock” down to the 8 subjects John-Mark chose to depict in the piece was one of the hardest things he has had to do in his Bibliotheque Series. The topic is so broad and rich and of such interest to John-Mark, there was much more he wanted to do with it – and so “Classic Rock II” was born.

Choosing just 8 more subjects proved to be a
difficult challenge again. The Beatles were his first choice for the piece and so they were placed in the prominent middle/top position. Jimi Hendrix had appeared in the original sketch for “Classic Rock”  so John-Mark had to find a place for him in this piece. David Bowie is one of John-Mark’s favorites, as is Queen: the images he found for both worked best if placed to the extreme left and right. Eric Clapton and Elton John both occupy prominent places in John-Mark’s own personal music collection and so place was found for them as well.

One interesting tidbit is that John-Mark altered the picture of Elton John,
placing his trademark flag behind Elton so that collectors and admirers of John-Mark’s work have had a more difficult time locating that familiar symbol in this piece. John-Mark felt that The Who had to be included due to their importance, and Aerosmith was the final piece that fell in to place. John-Mark still laments that Janis Joplin – who, like Jimi Hendrix – appeared in his first draft of “Classic Rock”, failed to make it into this piece simply due to the fact that he “just wasn’t able to make it work.” Fans of hers need not lament, though – John-Mark has plans for her for a future piece in which she would be central. We can’t wait to find out what he has in store!


This work of art features book binding depictions of

  • 40 Years of Queen
  • Clapton
  • Elton John
  • Jimi Hendrix
  • Let it Be by Steve Matte
  • The Autobiography of Aerosmith
  • The Who My Generation
  • David Bowie