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Nomiie - Dianne Romero

Dianne's art involves the creation of reproducing, integrating, and the study of old master techniques. In 2006 she began her illustrations. While studying artworks from the great masters in graduate school she discovered the love for old techniques and the fascination of the quality of the old masters work. These became a prominent feature of her work. 

The characters in her work are called Nomiie’s and not only became part of her body of work but also an illustrated book (in production), which contains stories about teens and young adults overcoming life. 

The Nomiie’s are juxtaposed with dreams, comic heroes, villains, fairy tales, anything we can think of that relates to childhood and adult culture. Based on the nature of the book the Nomiie’s also address gender role, fragility of family dynamic, violence; basically the underlying of American society played by a Nomiie. The Nomiie’s are a curious way to introduce these aspects of American culture. 

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