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DONOVAN by Terribly Odd - PoP x HoyPoloi Gallery

DONOVAN by Terribly Odd

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Donovan by Terribly Odd

There's nothing little Donovan Bathroy enjoys more than curling up in a quiet space with an old book. Either that or ferociously feasting upon the neck of his next victimn. But don't think too ill of the boy - he's only doing what comes naturally to him. The "son" of rumored vampire Elizabeth Bathroy, Donovan comes from a long line of bloodthirsty kin. An ancient soul with a taste for modern fashion, you'll often catch our young vampire smartly dressed in an array of sweaters and cardigans. Quiet, shy, and somewhat reclusive, he's typically a perfect gentleman. Well, you know, except when he's hungry.
  • Hand signed
  • Open Edition
  • Printed on 12 pt card stock
  • Dimensions: 11" x 14"