Woah-Botz - Jeremy Wilken

Multi-Media Artist Jeremy Wilken was always “The Artistic One” in his family. After twenty years of spending his free-time creating scenery and props for various theatrical performances, being able to assemble various odds and ends into practically anything has lead him to create this very whimsical line of “found object” robot sculptures. Officially named “Woah-Botz” by his then 6-year-old son, since their introduction in 2013, his pieces can now be found in 14 countries around the world (and counting).

Due to the use of “upcycled” parts, each sculpture is genuinely unique giving each an individual personality while still reflecting the style and flair that the Woah-Botz have become known for. Each sculpture is named, signed, numbered and given a Certificate of Authenticity noting the date of creation.
I never know what I’ll find next… so I never know what I’m going to make next!

Random Woah-Botz Facts:

To date there have been 609 UNIQUE Woah-Botz Sculptures created.

Each Woah-Botz sculpture is made from unwanted, recycled and repurposed materials rescued from everywhere from thrift stores, garage sales, flea markets and the trash.

Since they are all created using “found” objects, each sculpture is absolutely unique, giving each new owner the chance to own an ORIGINAL work.

Each sculpture comes with a “Birth Certificate”