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Sleeping Beauty by Will Pigg

Hand cut silhouette featuring his own version from the fairytale Sleeping Beauty.

This is an art nouveau inspired presentation of Sleeping Beauty. Aurora is being entranced by the spinning wheel, and pulled to it by the lines at the bottom of her dress. A crescent moon at the bottom right is foreshadowing her 100 years sleep. There is a small XV under the needle to represent her age before the touch. The skulls on the left represent all the men who tried to rescue her and got killed in the thorns enveloping the castle. The small circles in the large area along with the three circles under the larger one, represent the amount of fairies, in the original Grimm story, that bestowed good gifts on her. The large circle with the tendril in it, represents the bad fairy who gave her the curse. There are 13 hidden circles in all (13 total fairies in the original story).

Will hand draws out the image and scans it in, (to keep it consistent), then redraws it so it is tighter and undeviating, for later use. Then he transfers the image onto a black sheet of heavy card-stock paper and gets to cutting. After it's cut out, he mounts/frames it (if they require framing) by sandwiching it in-between custom-made acrylic panels for a classy, unique, beautiful and contemporary frameless look.

  • Open Edition
  • Framed - 14” x 20” Silhouette paper-cut in custom acrylic frame
  • Unframed - 14" x 20" Silhouette paper-cut mounted on white backing board
  • Made in the USA

*Acrylic frame cleaning suggestions: Microfiber cloths work best for fingerprints and dust. If it's really dirty, microfiber cloth with very little lukewarm water works too. Avoid using glass cleaners, alcohol, ammonia or all purpose cleaners. Do not use abrasive materials like paper towels or sponges.