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VULCAN Celestial Paperweight

VULCAN Celestial Paperweight

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Vulcan Celestial Glass Paperweight

Vulcan: The Famous Planet that Never Existed. In the 19th century, French mathematician Urbain Le Verrier hypothesized a planet that would have existed in an orbit between Mercury and the Sun. His propsal - supported by the knowledge of physics at the time, and multiple unexplained amateur "sightings" - was dispelled in 1915 when Einstein's theory of relativity provided a new understanding of gravity.

Individually crafted by artists, not machines. This ensures that every piece has its own unique characteristics, just like the individuals who collect it.

All pieces are signed and presented with story cards in a keepsake box with satin lining.

  • Approximately 3" diameter
  • Handcrafted by artisans in Seattle, WA
  • Contains ash from the 1980 Mount St Helen's eruption.