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The Cat's Debut-Right by Dr Seuss

THE CAT'S DEBUT - Right Side by Dr. Seuss

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The Cat's Debut - Right by Dr. Seuss

  • Pigment Print on Archival Paper
  • Authorized Estate Edition
  • Image Dimensions: 16" x 22"
  • Limited Edition of 850 Arabic Numbers

The Cat is known the world over, however in 1957 this iconic character had not seen the light of day. These endpapers images were the Cat's coming out party. Ted Geisel spent countless hours working and reworking his Cat's image. Over the course of a year he created a magical personality instilled with wonder, anticipation and mischief. Ted wanted to pay attention to how the Cat, his Cat, would be debuted to the world. These endpapers were his first opportunity to do so.