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MR. PERNICIOUS - Paper Print by Terribly Odd

MR. PERNICIOUS - Paper Print by Terribly Odd

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Mr. Pernicious by Terribly Odd

When you're in the Strangelands, be sure to visit the Tropic-ill oasis Bar. A local watering hole for creeps, crooks and creatures of the night, the Tropic-ill is run by a rather mysterious primate known as Mr. Pernicious. Suave, sophisticated, and with an appreciation for the finer things in life, Pernicious will regale you with fascinating stories of his many globe-trekking adventures. And don't be too surprised if he decides to serenade you with a Tiki song in his smooth, baritone voice. But take warning: Local legend has it that this little chimp is more than just a bad influence. In fact, many in the area claim him to be none other than the devil himself, offering up magical libations and an afterlife of brimstone and fire. So if you venture in for a drink, pull up a chair for a tale or two, but don't let this monkey's tail put a spell on you.

  • Paper Print
  • Dimensions: 11" x 14"
  • Limited to 100