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Cat in Obsolete Shower Bath by Ted Geisel


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Cat in Obsolete Shower Bath by Ted Geisel

  • Mixed-Media Pigment Print on Archival Canvas
  • Authorized Estate Edition
  • Dimensions - 36" x 28"
  • Limited Edition of 850 Arabic Numbers

Dr. Seuss lived in a New York City studio apartment, just above a raucous, popular nightclub. Down the hall was the communal bathroom, which included a shower-bath.

In Cat in Obsolete Shower Bath, Dr. Seuss places his beloved Cat in a shower-bath as if to look back on his life and recognize that without his early struggles–the dingy apartments, crazy landlords, and community shower-baths–the Cat and perhaps the entirety of his career, may never have materialized.

It is hard to know how life will unfold as one is living it. Moments that seem insignificant can only be understood as formidable upon later reflection. Ted’s early New York days in his studio apartment, shower-bath and all, likely had a more profound effect on him then could have possibly been imagined at the time.