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Will Pigg


I am an illustrator (charcoal and pastel), film-maker, and graphic designer, who started getting into hand cut paper late one night, about 6 years ago, when I ran out of charcoal at 3am, but still wanted to draw. I looked to my right and saw an x-acto knife and a black piece of paper and started "drawing" a bee with the blade and quickly realized how cathartic it was. It came out cool looking, and soon I became hooked.

I started studying about the craft and began creating 3D pieces mounted in modified shadowboxes. I've tried my hardest to continue to evolve and began to create shadow-cut illustrations out of paper, which I have now fallen in love with doing.

My process: I hand draw out the piece (for 3D pieces I figure out how everything needs to be puzzled together), and for my open editions (to keep them consistent), I scan them in, redraw them so they are tighter and undeviating, for later use. I then transfer onto the paper and get to cutting. After it's cut out, I mount/frame them (if they require framing) I sandwich them in-between custom made acrylic panels for a classy, unique, beautiful and contemporary frameless look.

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