SPIRITUS DEA - Dunny Blind Boxes
SPIRITUS DEA - Dunny Blind Boxes

SPIRITUS DEA - Dunny Blind Boxes

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Spiritus Dea Dunny series features designs from all female artists. Each artist channels a sprecific goddess into Dunny form spanning from different cultures, times and theologies all with one common calling, the rebirth of justice. Worshipped for both creation and destruction, protection and war, chaos and fate, and even life and death, the goddesses in Spiritus Dea maintain essential roles within the greater celestial world

  • Material: High quality vinyl
  • Dimensions: 3"

These are blind boxes, specific designs are not guaranteed.

*A blind box is a product sold in a box containing a random item from any one series. Like the hobby of collecting trading cards, you know what set you are buying from, but don't know exactly what you've got until you open the package! It's fun to open them up and see what's inside.