BEAR Natural Light

BEAR Natural Light

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Alpaca Fur Teddy Bear

This bear is handmade from super soft alpaca fur. It is made by talented Peruvian artisans from ethically sourced alpaca fur. Each bear is unique. Alpaca fur is naturally hypoallergenic.

  • Handmade By Artisans
  • Sustainable Alpaca Fur
  • No Dyes - Natural Color
  • Made In Peru
  • For children 3+ years.

Alpaca farming is the most important economic activity in the Peruvian Andes. This region holds 12% of Peru's population or 3.8 million people. For Andean communities, alpacas are their only marketable resource.

Alpaca farmers go through great lengths to care for their alpacas; raising them, protecting them from predators and harsh weather, and gently shearing their fiber once per year.