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Bella Notte By Heather Edwards
Bella Notte By Heather Edwards - 18" x 24" Signed & Numbered Limited Edition

BELLA NOTTE by Heather Edwards - Disney Limited Edition

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Bella Notte By Heather Edwards - 18" x 24" Signed & Numbered Limited Edition

Lady and Tramp, as re-imagined by artist Heather Edwards, share a romantic evening together, and a famous bowl of spaghetti, in this visual retelling of the most enduring scene from Disney's classic film "Lady and the Tramp". 
Embellished Gallery Wrapped Giclee on Canvas
  • Signed & Numbered by Heather Edwards
  • Limited Edition of 195
  • Dimensions: 18"H x 24"W
  • Gallery wrapped style around a wood stretcher bar.
  • Hanging wire is installed and ready to hang – no frame is necessary.
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Made in the USA
  • Officially Licensed artwork by Disney®

Price includes stretching fee - Please allow 2 weeks for processing.

The irresistible moment shared between Lady and the Tramp in the alleyway behind Tony’s Restaurant had everything a hopeless romantic might dream of: two lovers coming together, charming music, good food and ambiance in abundance. And who doesn’t love puppies? I couldn’t help but paint these two lovebirds in their famous spaghetti scene.

As a part of the fun of painting Bella Notte, I included a handful of Easter eggs for the viewer to enjoy as well.

•  Behind Lady are posters on the wall of the building (reminiscent of the ones in the film) featuring Steamboat Willie.

•  To the left-hand side, beneath the stairway, is an Easter egg for a film I am planning on creating a painting for in the future: The Jazz Cats from Aristocrats, and very fitting to the whole feel of the alley.

•  On the label at the mouth of the wine bottle is the number 1925, which is when Walt married his wife, Lillian — this romantic scene being dedicated to them.

•  The label of the wine bottle itself has a few hints of “Disney” culture, some of these will be left for your imagination…

•  Lastly, in the spaghetti is a hidden Mickey! The two meatballs making up his ears and the swirl of noodles beneath creating the round shape of his head.